Thursday, November 18, 2010

Viewer Input

Hello again all. We within CPD would like to hear from our friends and fans to see what they would like to see in a possible future TV show. Do you like the way we had things set up in our first 6 episodes? Would you make any changes? What would you all like to see from a paranormal investigative TV show?

We are curious to hear what your thoughts are on this topic. Should to opportunity arise, we would like to know from you all your opinions. Please feel free to post your thoughts here within the blog or you can email me directly at We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Latest Installment

Hello all. There have been a few goings on since I last wrote to you all. We have had some events that some of you may have attended. Thank you to all that were able to make it out to the various events and we hope that you enjoyed yourselves. we are hoping to have some more events in the near future and I would like to take this opportunity to have you voice your opinions. What type of event would you like to attend? Below are a few suggestions but we would like to hear from you as to what you would like to see.

  1. Training - A seminar and workshop designed to cover basic and some advanced paranormal investigating techniques. We would go over the tools of the trade and explain how, why and where they should be used. We would be able to interact and share ideas and techniques together and then after, we would be able to have a hands on session with the tools to see exactly how they would and test the tools to see what types of results are gathered. Examples of tainted and true evidence would be gathered and examined. You would be able to see results from various tools in a variety of environments. This seminar and workshop would be primarily focused on the forensics aspect of paranormal investigations.
  2. Investigation - We have done this previously with a great turn out. Bring your tools and enthusiasm and investigate along with the Paranormal Cops. This may be at a location that we have already investigated or at some new place that we have never been in before.
  3. Speaking Engagements - Maybe you have a group or location you would like us to speak at. We have spoken at colleges, paranormal group meeting as well as other locations. We usually cover a variety of topics ranging from how we began, the filming of the show and some of the techniques we use during our investigations.
As I said, we would like to hear from you on what you would like. Your thoughts on the above topics as well as any other ideas you may have. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Take care for now and I will be sure to post the results from your feedback once it has been received.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Latest and Greatest

Well hello again all. Some time has passed and I wish I had better news for everyone regarding the show but we have yet to hear anything at all about our future. We at CPD are all keeping busy though with the various appearances and speaking engagements. We love being able to meet new people as well as catching up with old friends. We encourage everyone to come out to these events whenever they can and say hi. One thing you can all count on is that once we do hear something from A&E, we will be sure post the news, good or bad, all over the place. I know all the members of CPD are keeping positive about the show and hope that we will be back again for more shows. Should anyone want to contact A&E on our behalf to request more shows, please feel free to do so by emailing A&E at Who knows, it could be your email that puts us over the top and brings us more shows.

Well, on to happier topics. As mentioned above, we are going to a lot of different events. I am including a list a brief description of each one of these below:

Meet A&E Network's Paranormal Cops

Date: Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Anduzzi's Sports Bar

Street: 403 W. College Ave

City: Appleton, Wi


  • Come meet and hang out with the cast of A&E Network's new hit show, 'Paranormal Cops', as they visit Northeast Wisconsin on April 8, 2010!
  • Times are from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM, with a special presentation & panel discussion including a question and answer period beginning at 7:00 PM.
  • Paranormal Cops merchandise will be available for purchases including T-shirts, EMF detectors, etc., and we'll also be holding a few raffles for prizes as well!
  • Cash bar will be available throughout the evening, and food is available for purchase.
  • Cost is only $10.00 - Payment at the Door.
  • Reservations are highly recommended as space will be limited.
  • Bring your cameras and your friends - and come out and support the Chicago Paranormal Detectives.
This event is sponsored and hosted by Appleton Paranormal Investigatons and Apparitions Radio Paranormal Talk Radio Show on

Meet A&E's Paranormal Cops

Date: Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Chances R

Street: 10747 W. Grand Ave

City: Melrose Park, Il
  • Come out to "Chances-R" on Grand Avenue West of Mannheim Rd. and meet the cast from A&E's "Paranormal Cops", the Chicago Paranormal Detectives.
  • There will be an open panel discussion with Q&A, some unheard footage as well as t-shirts, EMF detectors and signed photo's for sale.
  • There will be a $15.00 door fee for this event.
  • Please RSVP this event via Facebook and invite your friends.

The Southern Michigan Paranormal Conference

Dates: May 22nd - 23rd

Time: May 22nd – 11:00am – 2:30am

May 23rd – 1:00pm – 5:45pm

Location: Kalamazoo Historic State Theatre

Street: 406 South Burdick Street

City: Kalamazoo, Mi


The invite is open to all! There will be some excellent speakers focusing on "The Paranormal Team/Investigator". Special Guests include:
  • The Chicago Paranormal Detectives from A&E” Paranormal Cops
  • Rob Conover
  • Jason Sullivan
  • Jason & Kurt of In Nomine
  • Laura McNelis-Henderson Castle
  • Jennifer Rupp-Marshall Historical Society and many more...
A variety of packages are available. Please be sure to check the website for further information.

Rockford Riverhawks Paranormal Cops Night

Dates: Friday, June 11,2010

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Rockford Riverhawks Stadium (Road Ranger Stadium)

Street: 4503 Interstate Blvd

City: Loves Park, Il

Join the Chicago Paranormal Detectives for "Paranormal Cops" night at the Rockford Riverhawks Minor League Baseball Stadium on June 11th. See us throw out the first pitch and have some good times with us!

We look forward to seeing everyone who can make these events. In addition, I will be sure to post future events as they occur. I will also be posting here any interviews that we will have coming up as well. I would also like to hear from you. Let me know what you would like to have discussed or any questions you may have for me. You can email me directly at and I will be sure to have your questions answered in a future blog posting.

As always, you can find us on Facebook both as a group under Chicago Paranormal Detectives, Paranormal Cops. All of us within CPD have individual accounts as well and love talking to our friends and fans whenever we are able. Please don't be shy and say hello if you see us online.

Take care for now and I look forward to hearing from you all.


Forensic Investigator
"Just because I can't explain something, doesn’t mean it can't be explained." - Me

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some Info & Some Events

Well hello all. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day and that you are with the ones you love and care for. It has been a little bit since my last posting and I have much to fill everyone in on. We within CPD continue to work on new techniques and equipment to better our investigations and the evidence we collect.

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel some rumors that have been circulating about the show. We have spoken to the powers that be within A&E and there has been a mistake on their website. This Tuesday is not the series finale, it is the SEASON finale. Big difference. While we have not heard officially about resigning us for more episodes, we within CPD are all remaining very hopeful and positive. Feedback can be continually provided to A&E by emailing them and telling them what you think. Your continued support is very much appreciated by all of us at CPD and your emails and feedback to A&E are a huge help. Thank you very much to everyone.

We also have a few events that everyone may be interested in which would allow people to listen in on interviews and meet us in person. We do have a lot coming up so I will try to keep it as easy to follow as possible. Here are the dates, times and the event:

Sunday 2/14 8:30pm est / 7:30pm cst - Re-known author and CPD's own Moriah Rhame will be on Apparitionsns Radio which you can listen to here. She will be interviewed by John Leski, who is the director of Appleton Paranormal Investigations. Tune and hear how Moriah is able to provide insight during our investigations that scientific devices cannot measure or record. She is a tremendously valuable asset to the team and a true friend to all who know her. Her abilities are amazing and while I as the skeptic cannot understand how she is able to come up with the information she does, her accuracy is mind blowing. This will be a show that all will enjoy I am sure.

Monday 2/15 10:00pm est / 9:00pm cst - CPD founder Ron Fabiani and myself will be on a web cast with Live Paranormal. You will be able to tune in here to the show and hear what we have to say. Our fans will be able to listen and see us online. Join in the chat room and we will be able to answer a lot of your questions that you may have about the show or for us personally. We would love to be able to hear from you and see you tune in. We look forward to chatting with you and answering any questions you may have.

Monday 2/15 11:30pm est / 10:30pm cst - CPD founder Ron Fabiani and co-founder Tom Froelich will be on the Alan Colmes show (formerly of the Hannity & Colmes show). You can listen to the interview here and see what Ron and Tom have to say about CPD and the show. This should be an interesting interview and one that I am sure you will all enjoy. You will also have the opportunity to call in and ask questions of the founding fathers of CPD.

Wednesday 2/24 7:30pm cst - CPD co-founder Tom Froelich and Investigative Assistant Brian Jones will be at Quigley's Pub in Naperville ( 43 E. Jefferson St., Naperville,Il ) to speak and for a Q&A session. Additional members of CPD may be in attendance however due to other scheduling conflicts, Tom and Brian are the only ones confirmed at this time. We would love to see as many of you come as possible. It should be a fun night for all.

Friday 3/19 7:00pm cst - Come out and meet the members of CPD. We will have a presentation, discussion and Q&A session on the second floor of Dank Haus ( 4740 N. Western Ave, Chicago Il ). It will be $15.00 at the door and space will be very limited. We would love to meet our fans in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss paranormal investigations as well as answer any questions you may have. T-shirts and other CPD merchandise will also be for sale at this event. We look forward to seeing our friends and meeting new ones.

Saturday & Sunday 5/22 & 23 - Members of CPD are tentatively scheduled to appear at a paranormal conference in Kalamazoo, Mi. This will be another opportunity to hear about our group and meet the cast from PARANORMAL COPS. We would love to be able to meet as many of our fans as possible and I will be sure to post more information on this event as it becomes available.

We are also working on a new calendar section of our website which will allow all of our fans to see where we will be for any and all upcoming events. It will also show any interviews that will be coming up so you won't miss an opportunity to meet or listen to what we within CPD have to say. We always look forward to meeting new friends and fans as well as catching up with our followers whom we have spoken with previously.

We are hoping that as many of our fans and followers are able to attend and tune in. As always, we at CPD are overwhelmed by the support and following of our fans of PARANORMAL COPS. Your continued support and feedback are always appreciated. You can feel free to email me directly at Thank you to everyone for the kind words of support and please look for us all on Facebook as we enjoy chatting with you all whenever we can. Take care for now and be sure to check back soon and often for more updates and information.


Forensic Investigator
"Just because I can't explain something, doesn’t mean it can't be explained." - Me

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Couple New Things

Hello all. We at CPD would like to thank everyone for their continued support in watching our show! It really means a lot to us to hear that you enjoy the show and we do enjoy your feedback. Speaking of feedback for a moment, I would like to explain something about the blog comments. The comments are moderated by myself and I will always post each and every comment. Good, bad or indifferent. The only exception to this will occur if personal attacks are written toward members of the team. I am sad that I even have to do this or write about it but I have read comments by people who defame and insult the members of the team with no regard to common courtesy or thought of mind. This blog is not the place for that and I will say that if a person wants to write inflammatory remarks such as those, please find another place to do it as I will not allow it to happen here. Again, I am sorry to waste everyone's time with this but I do not want to hide anything from anyone.

Now then, on to the good stuff. Tomorrow night will be the third episode of PARANORMAL COPS on A&E. This investigation took place just south of Chicago. I hope you will all enjoy this episode as you have the others. This location, as with all the locations we have investigated, presented its own unique circumstances for us within CPD to overcome.

I would also like to take a moment to dispel a few myths about CPD:

1.We are City of Chicago police officers – FALSE. The four officers within CPD are full time sworn police officers all working for municipalities in the Chicagoland area. Each one of us patrols the streets each and every day we are at work. We drive squad cars, answer calls for service and yes we do write tickets (I know that is the part you all hate LOL). Each one of us puts our life on the line every day to protect and serve the citizens of the communities we work for. We are not looking for accolades or acknowledgment but want you to know that we are real life working people and being cops is who we are. As I have said in the past, I was a cop before the show, I'm a cop now and I will continue to be a cop long after the show is over and forgotten. This is who we are.

2.Moriah knows about the locations we investigate – FALSE. Moriah is NEVER told anything about the locations we are going to investigate. In fact for virtually every investigation, she is driven to the location so she doesn't even know where she is going. Once she arrives at the location, she does a walk though on her own picking up what she can about the location. This is documented and she is still not provided with any information. Do I understand how she does it and receives the information that she does, no but I will say that the things she picks up is amazing. It is no act and her findings are always impressive. She is truly quite amazing and an incredibly valuable asset to our team.

3.CPD only investigates locations where people are in dire need – TRUE. We at CPD do not conduct investigations for people who are merely curious about what may be in their home or business. There are a few different reasons for this. First, as officers all working different shifts, it is extremely difficult for us to coordinate our schedules in order to conduct these investigations. Because of this, our main focus is to help the people who contact us because their homes or businesses create such fear withing them that they are unable to function as they need to. This may even be as extreme as these people considering changing their jobs or trying to move from their homes. Both financial and emotional factors are taken into consideration. As police officers, our main focus is to always help and protect people. This holds true for paranormal investigations as well.

4.Paranormal investigations performed by CPD are done within the greater Chicagoland area only – TRUE. We are the Chicago Paranormal Detectives. Not out of Milwaukee, Denver or any other city. We focus all of our investigations within the 6 county Chicagoland area. The only exception to this is Galena, Il which we at CPD consider our home away from home. While we understand that paranormal activity can occur anywhere and that people outside of the Chicagoland area may need help as well we will do everything within our power to provide them with alternative solutions. We will provide these people with other groups that we have had contact with as a possible solution for their situations. A couple of examples of these groups are the DuPage Paranormal Society and Appleton Paranormal Investigations. CPD may not be able to perform the investigations, but groups such as these offer a tremendous service in their own areas.

5.CPD allows people to come along on paranormal investigations – FALSE. Because of the policies and procedures we at CPD have adopted, we cannot allow bystanders to “tag along” on our paranormal investigations. The methods that we use to secure the location, both inside and out, require us to enter the location with the minimal number of people possible in order to collect the best data and evidence possible. If you are unable to control the scene, then the scene controls you thus rendering any evidence you may collect as tainted. We are however looking to put together a seminar which would also include the opportunity for a limited number of people to perform and investigation with us. We at CPD would view this particular investigation as more of training tool for the people who attended. We would show these people methods and reasons for setting up the equipment that we do. In addition, we would explain to them and have them experience first hand how an investigation is performed by CPD. Personally, I would like to hear from you all to see what type in interest there is in something like this. The results would help us at CPD determine the size of these seminars (if more than one is needed) as well as specifically what you, the attendees, would like to see and experience as well.

Ok, so this posting has gotten a little longer than I had anticipated but I hope that it was informative for you and answered some of your questions. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. Should anyone have a specific question or wish to contact me directly, please feel free to email me at and I will be sure to respond to you as quickly as possible. Again, thank all of you for your continued support with the show and we hope that you will continue to enjoy the remaining episodes yet to come and with any luck, more will be coming in the not too distant future. Take care and enjoy the shows.

Forensic Investigator
"Just because I can't explain something, doesn’t mean it can't be explained." - Me

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Q&A

In the recent past, there has been a lot of discussion in regards to various forms of evidence and our methods of investigation. While I cannot address each and every one of these topics, there are a few that I would like to discuss and clear the air on. These are primarily based upon what I have seen on other blogs about the show and comments from others. If you would like answers to a specific question, it may be found in the FAQ section on our website located at Should the answer to your question not be there, you can email me directly at and based upon the number of questions, I may then in turn write about items here on thee blog. In addition, we at CPD are looking to establish a discussion board for a more interactive venue in order to share ideas and post questions. In the meantime, here is the first installment of my Q&A.

Fabs Cigar - I have seen a lot of posts and questions regarding Fabs infamous cigar. This is a very easy item to address. Fabs NEVER has it lit during an investigation!!! Anyone who knows Fabs, knows that he is never without his cigar. In fact, there have been times when he has fallen asleep with it still dangling from his mouth! ( funniest thing you will ever see!!!) I can understand why people would draw attention to this. Here we are the police, performing professional investigations and one of the investigating members appears to be smoking a cigar. All of us know the importance of maintaining the integrity of an investigative scene. Obviously, the smoke and smell of a lit cigar would corrupt and interfere with an investigation. Anything that would interfere with the investigation is always removed from the investigation area immediately. One example of this is pets. Should a client have pets at home, they are required to relocate them so as to not interfere with the investigation.

Orbs - This is one of the most highly debated items amongst paranormal researchers. Each and every one of us have our own opinion on this evidence. Ten people could be in a room and this topic brought up and there would be ten different opinions. There is no way possible I could write here within this blog about the pros and cons of orbs arguing each and every possible point. All I will say is this, we at CPD gather evidence and review all that is collected. We know all about dust, pollen, bugs and every other type of possible object that may possibly appear to be an orb on film. Do we view orbs as the end all be all of evidence, no we do not. What we do within CPD is review and observe factual data. If, while reviewing video evidence, we see multiple objects traveling in one direction and then one object moving in a complete opposite direction, we have to consider it possible evidence. We will not immediately dismiss something like that. At all times, we at CPD must remain objective and present to our complainants all evidence we collect. Orbs are not what we rely on, nor are they the main piece of evidence that we go after. We never rely on merely one piece of evidence to determine whether or not paranormal activity is present. We at CPD look at everything gathered as a whole and present everything gathered to the people who call us for help. For us to dismiss evidence that we have gathered based solely upon the fact that it is not a well received notion within the paranormal community would be responsible on our part.

Love us or hate us, we at CPD will always adhere to the policies and procedures for our investigations in order to provide factual and reliable evidence. We read on various web posts that we rely on orbs, that we are jokes because of the fact that we are cops, all kinds of negative comments. The bottom line is that we are all here to provide a service and help people. All of us withing CPD take pride and ownership of what we do. We do not have the luxury of losing credibility as this would directly affect our full time occupations as police officers. None of us are willing to make that sacrifice and we will always provide factual evidence devoid of opinion or feelings. Facts and just facts, just as in a court of law.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Premier

Well, last night was the series premier of our show Paranormal Cops. What a surreal experience that was for all of us. As our tight knit group, minus one who couldn't celebrate with us, gathered around with family and co-workers from the show, all of us were still in disbelief that what we had worked on together was finally being shown on TV. Not just from a disc or streaming on the web, but actually shown on a network with commercials and everything! We all had a wonderful time watching the premier episode together and poking fun at one another for various things throughout the show. Busting each others chops in true cop fashion and never letting each other forget where we came from or who we really are. 

Looking around the room, you could see the sheer joy and sense of pride in everyone's eyes as they watched the show and viewed our accomplishments on the screen. Cell phones were going off constantly throughout the night from other family members and friends who could not be in attendance wishing us well and complimenting us on what we had done. Messages flowed into Facebook, this blog and other web sites with words of encouragement and congratulating us on the show. All of us throughout the night reflected back on the filming of the series as well as pondered what the future has in store for us. Where will we be a couple months from now? Will we be filming again? Still waiting to hear from the network? Only time will tell. I do know that all of us are ready to continue down this road and take on more exciting investigations. The future for us all is still unknown but no matter what that future may bring, nothing can take away what we have already accomplished.

All of us within CPD would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone at North South Productions and A&E. Without you, none of this would be a reality. Your efforts and dedication to this project are overwhelming and truly appreciated. Thank you to our fans, a show is nothing without someone there to watch and enjoy it and it is your appreciation for the work we have done which will assist in allowing us to film more episodes. Last but not least, a thank you to our family and friends. Your support, understanding and assistance are what have allowed us to make this journey. We, the members of CPD, rely on your emotional and mental support every day be it during filming, the interviews or just going on with our daily lives. On behalf of the cops, I would like to thank the women in our lives who are there for us on a daily basis. Putting up with crazy hours we work, the attitudes we sometimes carry and the standoffish demeanor we sometimes display. Please know that you all mean the world to us and without you by our sides, none of this would be the same and while we may not always let you know as often as we should, you are truly appreciated.

Even though we may be still waiting to hear from A&E about future filming, please keep in mind that we are still investigating the paranormal. If you or someone you know feels that paranormal activity is present, please contact us through our website to request an investigation. As always, we at CPD do have criteria that must be met for us to perform an investigation. While we cannot perform an investigation for every request that we receive, we will always attempt to assist or offer direction whenever we can and should we do an investigation for you, remember, you will NEVER be charged for our services. We are here to help you.

Take care for now and please be sure to check back often for more information and updates.

"Just because I can't explain it, doesn't mean it can't be explained" - Me

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Time Is Upon Us!

Well, the premiere party has come and gone and I would like to say Thank You!!! to America's Bar in Hoffman Estates and especially everyone who came out to support us in this new endeavor. All of us in Chicago Paranormal Detectives truly appreciate it!!! It meant a lot to all of us to see our friends and family there in full force and everyone enjoying themselves.

Everyday, new opportunities and experiences are appearing for us within CPD. Interviews, articles and meeting our fans all seems so surreal to us. Overall it is a very humbling for us all to be in these new situations. Along these lines, tomorrow, January 19th will be one of the most important dates for CPD. Tomorrow, not only will we be on the Mancow Muller show (9am - 11am on WLS 890 AM), but we will also be able to finally watch the series premier of "Paranormal Cops" on A&E at 9:30 CST. The premier episode will be an hour long with the remaining episodes being 1/2 hour in length.

We hope you will all tune and watch each week. This is only the begining and there is so much more in store in the future. All of us at CPD would liketo invite you to come along for the ride and share in the success of the show with us! As always, should anyone like to request an investigation, please feel free to contact us through our website

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Exciting times!!!

Our premier is fast approaching! On Jan. 13th, we will be having a premier party at Americas Bar in Hoffman Estates. Tickets are $25 and include 2 hours of drinks and food starting at 7pm. We will be showing the first episode and the entire cast will be there. We would love for everyone that is able to come join us and enjoy themselves. In addition, we will also have a few of the "victims" who have contacted us to perform investigations for the show in attendance. The cast will be available for questions and insight as to what we have experienced and witnessed first hand. You can purchase tickets through the website here or by contacting one of the cast members directly.

The premier of the show on A&E will be on Jan.19th at 9:30pm central time. We invite everyone to tune in and watch the show. The premier will be an hour long and the episodes following it will be 1/2 hour long.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns and remeber, look for us on Facebook. ( CPD Facebook ) All of us look forward to seeing everyone at the premier party on Jan. 13th. Take care for now and I will talk to you all soon.

Pete Schleich
Forensic Investigator

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Latest and Greatest

Well hello again everyone. I must first apologize for the vast span of time which has occurred from the last post I have published here. While things have been incredibly busy, there is still a great deal of information that needs to be shared and I will be making it a point to update the blog here on a weekly basis so that everyone will be able to follow along and be kept up to date. I would also like to encourage everyone's participation in the blog. Please feel free to post your comments and thoughts here and lets see what kind of dialog we can get going here for the purpose of sharing our thoughts and opinions.

So, as I stated, there has been a lot of things going on within the Chicago Paranormal Detectives organization since I last wrote. We are currently on a hiatus with A&E after we completed filming our first 6 episodes. The series premier is going to be sometime at the end of this year so we do not have too much longer to wait for this. All of us within CPD are very excited about this and are looking forward to everyone being able to see and experience what we did on our investigations. We are all hoping that this show will not only add more credibility to this field but also offer our viewers the opportunity to see a paranormal investigation from the eyes of a police officer. You will be able to see how we approach these investigations and and the processes we use to gather any and all evidence we can with our ultimate goal being to seek answers to the questions we all have. CPD also looks to raise the bar of credibility within the arena of paranormal investigations. We make it a point to follow the same policies and procedures we all use as officers during the performance of our daily duties and in turn apply these to the paranormal investigations we go on.

I want to also take a moment to fill everyone in on the recent activities and events of CPD. As always, we at CPD are continuously looking and developing new and exciting methods of gathering evidence in order to ensure we are always collecting the most accurate and detailed evidence possible for review and analysis. We make it a point to explore all possible methods of collection pulling from our police and own personal backgrounds. The ideas and methods we develop are extensively tested in order to ensure that they will work correctly in the field and gather data without any type of outside interference to provide to us the best data possible. During this testing phase, should these ideas we develop not provide the best possible results, we either go back to the drawing board or scrap the idea completely. We at CPD will only use the methods and equipment that will provide the best possible evidence.

Our most recent events occurred this past weekend. On Saturday, Oct. 3rd, CPD attended the 2009 Chicago Ghost Conference. While at this conference, we met many new friends and supporters. We had a great time there and it was truly an awesome experience. We appreciate the encouragement and input from everyone we had the pleasure to meet. While at the conference, CPD had the opportunity to to have the A&E video teaser played for all to see. We were also honored to have the opportunity to speak to the members of the conference in order to enlighten everyone as to exactly who we are and to the methods and protocols we follow. It was a privilege to meet everyone and have this opportunity. On Sunday night, Oct. 4th, myself and the other police officers as well as Moriah were invited to be guests on Darkness Radio hosted by Dave Schrader. Collectively as a group, we spent 3 hours speaking with Dave and answering questions from his listening audience. If you would like to be able to download and listen to the podcasts from the interviews, they can be found at We encourage you to give them a listen and let us know what you think. All of us at CPD would like to extend our tremendous thanks to everyone that involved with the conference and radio show. We are truly grateful!

Finally, to everyone that we met at the conference and had the opportunity to speak with, it was truly a pleasure and we had a great time hanging out with everyone. We will be sure to attend this event next year and are already looking forward to it. As I mentioned earlier, please be sure to continue to stop by here for the latest information and please feel free to throw your 2 cents in on any topics you like. We at CPD like to hear your opinions. If you should need to reach me for any suggestions, requests for the web site or any other reason, please feel free to email me at Again, thanks to everyone for their support and kind words and we look forward to the future to catch up with old friends and the opportunity to make new ones.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, it is official!! The announcement has been made by A&E TV (go here for the press release). Our TV show "Paranormal Cops" has been given the green light by A&E and is now moving forward. In the very near future, all of our exploits and adventures will be able to be seen on network television so everyone will be able to share in our experiences. You will be exposed to new investigative techniques, intriguing evidence and the usual interesting interactions between all the members of our group. On behalf of all of us at Chicago Paranormal Detectives, we look forward to the road ahead and being able to share this wondrous ride with all of you. Be sure to check back here often for updates and some insights into our world and the paranormal group that is Chicago Paranormal Detectives.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Investigation

Darkness settles down over 111 Main St.

The streets clear, people drift off to sleep and all becomes quiet. Except inside the restaurant where the Chicago Paranormal Detectives are now under way with the investigation they have come to perform.

All the media and onlookers have left and it is now approximately 3:00am. Time for us to attempt to answer questions and also try to collect any factual evidence we can. All of our senses become heightened and as our cameras roll, we all begin to try and prepare ourselves for the unknown which lies ahead.

All of us gather together in the darkness on the 3rd floor of the restaurant with Jack Coulter, the owner sitting on the second floor intensely watching the cameras through the laptop. We all begin by walking the floor and checking specific areas in order to see if anything sets off our sensors. As we walked from room to room, our eyes still becoming accustomed to the lack of light, none of us truly felt at ease yet at the same time, there was nothing happening and while I knew it was early, I was beginning to wonder if something was going to happen at all. Not more than 2 minutes later, we heard Moriah exclaim “He’s in there!” and she pointed to a back hallway in a secluded room. All of us raced to where she had indicated with sensors and cameras in hand. Nothing. Moriah then indicated that ‘he’ was moving and was now further down the hallway behind another door. The ‘he’ she was referring to was an older man named “Vincent” who had identified himself to us through her a little earlier in the night when the media and onlookers were still present. While “Vincent” did not portray himself as evil spirited, at the same time he was not the most pleasant. We all continued on after “Vincent” and tried to capture some type of evidence of him. After several minutes of this chasing, we all decided to just sit down in silence and let whatever or whoever come to us in order to make contact.

All of us moved to the main room of the 3rd floor and sat down in reasonable proximity of one another. After a few minutes, we all be began to ask some probing questions. See who we could stir up. Moriah stated she could feel some presences; however, none of them were coming forward. On we all sat, waiting and hoping. I many ways, it was a lot like fishing. You never know if you are truly in the right spot, using the right so called bait and then finally, you just have to wait and see what happens. As we sat in the dark, we continued to ask questions and listen for answers. After some time with no apparent responses, it was now time to turn things up a notch. Austin and I began to provoke the spirits to see if that would generate some type of response. We began to make comments like “There is no one here”, “I guess you can’t do anything which proves our point that you do not exist.” and “If you are truly here prove it. Don’t waste everyone’s time; if you like to scare people try to scare us.” I realize that these comments are not very intense or extreme but at the same time we are trying to keep things somewhat civilized. So on we went and the out of the blue it happened. A flash of light blinded us all. As we were trying to regain our sight in the dark, I could hear Ron say “Check to see if someone was outside taking pictures.” Tom and Brian jumped up and ran to the windows and looked outside. The street was completely empty. Not a soul out there. Just as they are coming back to the group, we hear Ryan Boughton, Jack’s chef begin to speak. He said “I’m staring right at it above me” as he pointed to the ceiling. Then we heard Ryan say “I have nothing to prove to you” and with that, the flood light on the lighting track went on. Now I am not saying that it went on and then off, I mean IT WENT ON! What makes this even harder to understand is that we had been on the 3rd floor since 9:30pm and the light never went on, in fact Jack did not know where the switched even were as the floor was being renovated and to the best of his knowledge, the lights were all controlled by the breakers on the electrical box. In addition o this, none of the other lights anywhere on the entire floor went on. Just this one. With that, we then heard Ryan say “I don’t trust you” and then Ron heard “Hello” come from the doorway.

Without warning then, the light went out and Ryan sprang up from the floor and stated “He’s not the one I say goodnight to.” We asked Ryan what he meant by that and he told us that each night when he locks up the restaurant, he has always said goodnight. Not to anyone in particular but just in general. As if this wasn’t enough, once Ryan made this last comment, all of us noticed that his voice was totally different. All of us were trying to determine what was going on when a shrill whistle cut the darkness. Jack needed us and continued whistling to have us come down to him. All of us ran from the 3rd floor to Jack as we did not know what was wrong. When we got to the second floor, Jack was exclaiming how the EMF detectors located on the second floor were going off like crazy. As with the light on the 3rd floor, the EMF detectors had been in place sine about 9:30pm and had not gone off once when suddenly, they were being activated with extreme intensity.

Once we had finished appraising the situation and hearing what Jack had seen, we saw that Ryan was being helped down the stairs by Moriah and Austin. He was in shock and physically drained. Our priorities and concerns had now changed and making sure Ryan was alright was now all important. We sat Ryan own and gave him some water. We were able calm him down and once he was feeling better, he told us that he did not remember anything that had happened. Ryan stated he recalled the initial flash of light and then the next thing he remembered was being helped down the stairs. We all then proceeded back upstairs to get answers.

Once we were back on the 3rd floor, the first thing we did was to check the track lighting where the one floodlight went on. Standing on a stool, Tom knocked the light bulb and there was nothing. Again and again he knocked on it with no effect. He also checked to make sure the bulb was screwed all the way into the socket and discovered it was. Finally, Tom proceeded to hit the light with such force that the entire track swayed overhead. With this, the light flickered on and then blew out. In addition to the light, e all observed a fake tree that had been standing in the middle of the room to now be lying on the floor. No one could recall bumping into the tree on the way downstairs and only the camera footage would tell us the true tale.

Now that we were all back upstairs, we attempted to pick up the investigation where we left off. Again we threw out questions and provoked in order to get some type of response. Nothing worked this time. Over and over we tried everything we could and nothing seemed to work. We all continued on like this until we heard the words from Moriah “They’re gone.” We knew then that our night, our investigation was over. With all of us coming to this realization, we began the net big task of breaking own our equipment and getting it all packed up. I looked at the time and it was almost 6:00 am. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess.

Everyone wanted to know what we caught on video and audio. Did we capture the holy grail of paranormal investigations? Will we hear voices from beyond? What discoveries and astonishment would be revealed to us? Only time would tell…and the clock was now ticking!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

111 Main Street "Open House"

Chaos had beaten us to Galena.

As we all pulled into town, we all realized how much work lay ahead of us over the upcoming days. There were interviews, production meetings, equipment preparation and the usual miscellaneous last minute details which need to be taken care of prior to us beginning our investigation. As you have seen from reading my last post, the media had already informed the public that we were coming and as a result of that, everywhere we went, we met new people who were interested in what we do and wanted to know more. Interacting with people to explain and share experiences is truly enjoyable and one of the parts of the investigation that I enjoy the most. Even with the delays and unique challenges, the experience is one I will remember forever and the people I met and got to talk to were great.

When we arrived at 111 Main St Restaurant, there was already a group of people gathered along with media personnel from several newspapers. Once at the location, we began to unload all of our gear and were all amazed at the turn out and response. People kept coming. Not only were there residents from Galena, but also people who were visiting Galena while on vacation as well as people who came from out of state just for this investigation. We all knew that people were going to be there to attend an "open house" we had planned for the evening and to see us in action, but none of us were prepared for what lay ahead. As we began to set up our equipment, we all noticed that there were people just walking down the street who would come in and ask to watch. Everyone we spoke to stated that they had heard of us coming to town to do this investigation and that their curiosity had been peaked. Everyone wanted to know more, not just about us as a group but about the restaurant as well.

During the setup of the equipment, we were able to speak with all the people who came out to see us. This time allowed us to interact with everyone and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our equipment and let them have a hands on experience with the cameras, EMF detectors and thermal imaging. We were able to explain to people how the devices worked and the people were able to actually see how the images and data were captured by us.

As a final perk, Chicago Paranormal Detectives opened the first part of our investigation to a select few. People were able to actually experience what a paranormal investigation was like. They got to stand next to us and experience the exact same things we did in the dark that night. The hair standing on end, the eerie feeling that comes over you, hearing the bumps and actually feeling the temperature drop. All of these things that we as investigators experience on a routine basis, these people were able to witness as well. A truly unique experience and opportunity for these people and one that I am sure they will never forget. I look forward to our next "open house" and hope that our turnouts only grow allowing the other investigators and myself to continue to have these one on one interactions.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here we come!

C.P.D. was recently asked to perform an investigation at 111 Main St. in Galena Il. There had been several accounts of people experiencing paranormal activity at this restaurant. We at C.P.D. planned a trip in order to capture any possible evidence of paranormal activity.

Below is the news article announcing our planned arrival and some of the things that the employees have experienced. Now that the ghosts knew we were coming, would they come out for us and really put on a show or would they hide from us and not want to be found?
Paranormal detectives plan visit

The Chicago Paranormal Detectives will set their sights on the unseen in Galena.

At 11 p.m. Wednesday, June 18, a seven-member crew will descend on the restaurant One Eleven Main to investigate claims of such ghostly activities as a piano moving on its own and a woman appearing in a white dress. The lady, who is carrying a bird, disappears before employees can approach her, according to the detectives group.

The restaurant served as a mortuary and a casket-making shop before becoming a downtown fixture.

"What we're coming to do is either debunk these claims, or we are here to give them more credibility," said Detective Tom Froelich, a member of the organization that includes four police officers who work on paranormal activities in their spare time, two crew members and a medium.

Although the investigation is not open to the public, their work can be viewed on their Web site, For more information, call 847-207-5388.

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Look for my next posting to see what happened. Our experiences, the obstacles we faced and what evidence we captured! Maybe there was nothing . . . . but then again......

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Who We Are

Please allow me to introduce myself and the rest of the Chicago Paranormal Detectives team. I am Pete Schleich and in addition to being an investigator, I am also the moderator of this blog. Working with me within this group are Ron Fabiani, Tom Froelich, Austin Edwards and Moriah Rhame. Ron, Tom, Austin and I are all active police officers within the Chicagoland area and work daily within the law enforcement arena. Moriah is our esteemed medium who is a tremendous asset to the investigations we conduct. She allows us to interact and helps guide us to possible locations where stronger paranormal activity may be present. Rounding out our group is Brian Jones and Scot Ziarko who are critical in assisting us and filming our investigations. Both Brian and Scot, while not police officers, offer expertise in the filming of our investigations and provide insight as to the best locations for cameras in order for the evidence we collect to be of the best possible quality.

We began Chicago Paranormal Detectives approximately 2 years ago and have been performing paranormal investigations free of charge since then. While we focus on the capturing of evidence, we also keep in mind that our clients have contacted us out of curiosity and in some cases desperation. We are contacted on a regular basis by people who feel that something is just not right and they need answers. As active police officers, we are trained and skilled in the gathering of evidence and factual events. We do not deal in opinion, nor do we make presumptions or speculations. Facts are all we focus on. While conducting investigations, if we have personal experiences of suspected paranormal activity, they are taken into consideration, however, unless it can be documented in some fashion, it is nothing more than an observation. Once our evidence has been gathered, a detailed analysis of the evidence is conducted. What separates us from other paranormal research groups is that as police officers, we have been trained to question everything and to examine every possible alternative. Before we state as a group that something is paranormal, we exhaust all other possible explanations. We evaluate the location as a whole and look for any other possible reasonable explanation, be it something as simple as a vent being open and blowing on a plant or something more complex such as electrical fluctuations.

From these investigations, any evidence we obtain, is passed along to our clients. We are not here to definitively state whether or not a location is haunted but merely state if we believe there is paranormal activity or not. The ultimate decision as to whether a location is haunted, then lies with the client for whom we are performing the investigation. Should a person require additional assistance with their location, we are able to offer suggestions or advice as to the next steps that should be taken. Aside from the gathering and documenting of paranormal activity, our main purpose is to help our clients. Chicago Paranormal Detectives offer complete confidentiality at our client’s request. We realize there are some people who do not want the world to know what they are experiencing. In other cases though, the investigations we perform are filmed for the television show that we are in the process of creating. No matter what the situation or client request, we conduct ALL of our investigations with the same dedication and persistence for that end result of helping our clients to the best of our abilities.

Please be sure to check back with us here as new postings will be created showing the accounts of our investigations and in some cases, possibly some video clips for your review as well. As we progress and have new experiences, we will be sure to post them here and share them with you. This forum will then become a place for you to share your comments and interact with us as a group. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you not only enjoy the postings but also come away from reading these posts with some questions. It is these questions that force us to grow and come to the realization that sometimes, there are no answers.