Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here we come!

C.P.D. was recently asked to perform an investigation at 111 Main St. in Galena Il. There had been several accounts of people experiencing paranormal activity at this restaurant. We at C.P.D. planned a trip in order to capture any possible evidence of paranormal activity.

Below is the news article announcing our planned arrival and some of the things that the employees have experienced. Now that the ghosts knew we were coming, would they come out for us and really put on a show or would they hide from us and not want to be found?
Paranormal detectives plan visit

The Chicago Paranormal Detectives will set their sights on the unseen in Galena.

At 11 p.m. Wednesday, June 18, a seven-member crew will descend on the restaurant One Eleven Main to investigate claims of such ghostly activities as a piano moving on its own and a woman appearing in a white dress. The lady, who is carrying a bird, disappears before employees can approach her, according to the detectives group.

The restaurant served as a mortuary and a casket-making shop before becoming a downtown fixture.

"What we're coming to do is either debunk these claims, or we are here to give them more credibility," said Detective Tom Froelich, a member of the organization that includes four police officers who work on paranormal activities in their spare time, two crew members and a medium.

Although the investigation is not open to the public, their work can be viewed on their Web site, www.chicagoparanormaldetectives.com. For more information, call 847-207-5388.

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Look for my next posting to see what happened. Our experiences, the obstacles we faced and what evidence we captured! Maybe there was nothing . . . . but then again......

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