Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some Info & Some Events

Well hello all. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day and that you are with the ones you love and care for. It has been a little bit since my last posting and I have much to fill everyone in on. We within CPD continue to work on new techniques and equipment to better our investigations and the evidence we collect.

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel some rumors that have been circulating about the show. We have spoken to the powers that be within A&E and there has been a mistake on their website. This Tuesday is not the series finale, it is the SEASON finale. Big difference. While we have not heard officially about resigning us for more episodes, we within CPD are all remaining very hopeful and positive. Feedback can be continually provided to A&E by emailing them and telling them what you think. Your continued support is very much appreciated by all of us at CPD and your emails and feedback to A&E are a huge help. Thank you very much to everyone.

We also have a few events that everyone may be interested in which would allow people to listen in on interviews and meet us in person. We do have a lot coming up so I will try to keep it as easy to follow as possible. Here are the dates, times and the event:

Sunday 2/14 8:30pm est / 7:30pm cst - Re-known author and CPD's own Moriah Rhame will be on Apparitionsns Radio which you can listen to here. She will be interviewed by John Leski, who is the director of Appleton Paranormal Investigations. Tune and hear how Moriah is able to provide insight during our investigations that scientific devices cannot measure or record. She is a tremendously valuable asset to the team and a true friend to all who know her. Her abilities are amazing and while I as the skeptic cannot understand how she is able to come up with the information she does, her accuracy is mind blowing. This will be a show that all will enjoy I am sure.

Monday 2/15 10:00pm est / 9:00pm cst - CPD founder Ron Fabiani and myself will be on a web cast with Live Paranormal. You will be able to tune in here to the show and hear what we have to say. Our fans will be able to listen and see us online. Join in the chat room and we will be able to answer a lot of your questions that you may have about the show or for us personally. We would love to be able to hear from you and see you tune in. We look forward to chatting with you and answering any questions you may have.

Monday 2/15 11:30pm est / 10:30pm cst - CPD founder Ron Fabiani and co-founder Tom Froelich will be on the Alan Colmes show (formerly of the Hannity & Colmes show). You can listen to the interview here and see what Ron and Tom have to say about CPD and the show. This should be an interesting interview and one that I am sure you will all enjoy. You will also have the opportunity to call in and ask questions of the founding fathers of CPD.

Wednesday 2/24 7:30pm cst - CPD co-founder Tom Froelich and Investigative Assistant Brian Jones will be at Quigley's Pub in Naperville ( 43 E. Jefferson St., Naperville,Il ) to speak and for a Q&A session. Additional members of CPD may be in attendance however due to other scheduling conflicts, Tom and Brian are the only ones confirmed at this time. We would love to see as many of you come as possible. It should be a fun night for all.

Friday 3/19 7:00pm cst - Come out and meet the members of CPD. We will have a presentation, discussion and Q&A session on the second floor of Dank Haus ( 4740 N. Western Ave, Chicago Il ). It will be $15.00 at the door and space will be very limited. We would love to meet our fans in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss paranormal investigations as well as answer any questions you may have. T-shirts and other CPD merchandise will also be for sale at this event. We look forward to seeing our friends and meeting new ones.

Saturday & Sunday 5/22 & 23 - Members of CPD are tentatively scheduled to appear at a paranormal conference in Kalamazoo, Mi. This will be another opportunity to hear about our group and meet the cast from PARANORMAL COPS. We would love to be able to meet as many of our fans as possible and I will be sure to post more information on this event as it becomes available.

We are also working on a new calendar section of our website which will allow all of our fans to see where we will be for any and all upcoming events. It will also show any interviews that will be coming up so you won't miss an opportunity to meet or listen to what we within CPD have to say. We always look forward to meeting new friends and fans as well as catching up with our followers whom we have spoken with previously.

We are hoping that as many of our fans and followers are able to attend and tune in. As always, we at CPD are overwhelmed by the support and following of our fans of PARANORMAL COPS. Your continued support and feedback are always appreciated. You can feel free to email me directly at Thank you to everyone for the kind words of support and please look for us all on Facebook as we enjoy chatting with you all whenever we can. Take care for now and be sure to check back soon and often for more updates and information.


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  1. Oh, man! You guys are coming to Michigan!? I will so be there. I was in Chicago back in late December and would've loved to have gone to one of your little soirees but didn't know about CPD then.

    And damn, I definitely wasn't expecting the season finale to come THAT fast. Well, now you've got a lot of people hooked so A&E better get snap'n with that resigning. Here's to season two!

    Good luck and stay safe,


  2. So glad to hear that there won't be a series finale.....whew! I almost had a panic attack when I first read that on Ron's profile. I've sent a few emails to A&E as well as Oprah, I hope you got some responses from them really soon. I can only speak for myself here but I know I was hooked on the show ever since it aired and lastly I would like to say Chicago Pride! Rock on!!!!

  3. Good Job CPD. You'll be back!...

  4. Hey guys I miss you already. A&E knows when they have a good thing going. You'll be back on next season. Sooner I hope. I wish you all the best. Stay safe out there on the streets. A fan in South Bend.....