Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Q&A

In the recent past, there has been a lot of discussion in regards to various forms of evidence and our methods of investigation. While I cannot address each and every one of these topics, there are a few that I would like to discuss and clear the air on. These are primarily based upon what I have seen on other blogs about the show and comments from others. If you would like answers to a specific question, it may be found in the FAQ section on our website located at Should the answer to your question not be there, you can email me directly at and based upon the number of questions, I may then in turn write about items here on thee blog. In addition, we at CPD are looking to establish a discussion board for a more interactive venue in order to share ideas and post questions. In the meantime, here is the first installment of my Q&A.

Fabs Cigar - I have seen a lot of posts and questions regarding Fabs infamous cigar. This is a very easy item to address. Fabs NEVER has it lit during an investigation!!! Anyone who knows Fabs, knows that he is never without his cigar. In fact, there have been times when he has fallen asleep with it still dangling from his mouth! ( funniest thing you will ever see!!!) I can understand why people would draw attention to this. Here we are the police, performing professional investigations and one of the investigating members appears to be smoking a cigar. All of us know the importance of maintaining the integrity of an investigative scene. Obviously, the smoke and smell of a lit cigar would corrupt and interfere with an investigation. Anything that would interfere with the investigation is always removed from the investigation area immediately. One example of this is pets. Should a client have pets at home, they are required to relocate them so as to not interfere with the investigation.

Orbs - This is one of the most highly debated items amongst paranormal researchers. Each and every one of us have our own opinion on this evidence. Ten people could be in a room and this topic brought up and there would be ten different opinions. There is no way possible I could write here within this blog about the pros and cons of orbs arguing each and every possible point. All I will say is this, we at CPD gather evidence and review all that is collected. We know all about dust, pollen, bugs and every other type of possible object that may possibly appear to be an orb on film. Do we view orbs as the end all be all of evidence, no we do not. What we do within CPD is review and observe factual data. If, while reviewing video evidence, we see multiple objects traveling in one direction and then one object moving in a complete opposite direction, we have to consider it possible evidence. We will not immediately dismiss something like that. At all times, we at CPD must remain objective and present to our complainants all evidence we collect. Orbs are not what we rely on, nor are they the main piece of evidence that we go after. We never rely on merely one piece of evidence to determine whether or not paranormal activity is present. We at CPD look at everything gathered as a whole and present everything gathered to the people who call us for help. For us to dismiss evidence that we have gathered based solely upon the fact that it is not a well received notion within the paranormal community would be responsible on our part.

Love us or hate us, we at CPD will always adhere to the policies and procedures for our investigations in order to provide factual and reliable evidence. We read on various web posts that we rely on orbs, that we are jokes because of the fact that we are cops, all kinds of negative comments. The bottom line is that we are all here to provide a service and help people. All of us withing CPD take pride and ownership of what we do. We do not have the luxury of losing credibility as this would directly affect our full time occupations as police officers. None of us are willing to make that sacrifice and we will always provide factual evidence devoid of opinion or feelings. Facts and just facts, just as in a court of law.


  1. Listened in on your radio show last night (you probably were probed by a few of my own questions) and really enjoyed what I heard. Through listening, I've gained nothing but admiration and respect for you guys as all of you do well in presenting yourselves as trained, educated professionals, both as police officers and paranormal investigators. It's a ridiculous notion for anyone to assume that just because someone's cop, that they're a joke to the paranormal field. If anything, I'd call the Dungeons and Dragons 30-something comic book nerds who still live in their mother's basements and hunt ghosts for a "living" the real laughing stock of the field. There's nothing I can't stand more than people who call themselves "investigators" yet can't wrap their minds around the fundamental basics of investigating (or even securing a scene for that matter). Your no-nonsense approach is refreshing and your just-the-facts stance is exactly what I like to see. I think as you know with real police work, people within the paranormal field will also take a love or hate stance on what you guys do early on in the game. But as for me, you've gained a fan from the start. Stay objective.

    -- Grim

  2. Last night was only the second show, but you've already moved to the top of my paranormal viewing list. I respect your crime-scene approach and your deep research on the sites, to confirm or debunk the legends. The fact that you're in Chicago doesn't hurt, either -- it's a hotbed not only of expected paranormal stuff (mob sites, Rez Mary, etc.), but plenty of off-the-beaten-track locations, too.

    My only caveat might be the use of a psychic, but yours seems pretty grounded and non-hysterical. And frankly as a newbie investigator myself, I find it kind of helpful to have one onboard.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great Show! I sent you folks a long email about another possible site you may encounter. IF, you do and IF it turns out that Al Beebe ("Litle Al" at one time in "Big Al's" gang) is one of the ghosts--let us know, please--some of his grandchildren would be more than happy to give that old reprobate a verbal what for--especially if he's bothering anyone in the present as he has in the past. Oh yes, and we once lived in a house haunted by one of its former owners, a former police officer in Minneapolis--he interrupted a burglary that occurred while we were on vacation, scared the devil out of the teenagers doing it, and we never had another incident--but the house was well reported among the teenage population "to have a ghost of a cop there that you don't want to mess with," for ever more. We knew he was there all along and had never told anyone... So, we definitely appreciate cops combined with the paranormal. ;-)

  4. No method, even the court and its laws is perfect or for that fact fool proof.
    As we who are in support of the truth do the best we can with the best we have, always with the open minded hope that some day we may be finally blessed with the overwhelming evidence of that which we feel is worthwile to support what so many have been so loyal to.
    I hope you guys never forget that for the ones who find investigation of the paranormal ludacris, there are plenty of us who are not afraid of a journey into the unknown to find truth. Exploration and pioneering is an adventure... if nothing else.
    On With The Show! and great work fellas!

  5. great job guys i cant wait for the next show..
    I love when Tom Froelich talks he sounds so seriou!!