Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Premier

Well, last night was the series premier of our show Paranormal Cops. What a surreal experience that was for all of us. As our tight knit group, minus one who couldn't celebrate with us, gathered around with family and co-workers from the show, all of us were still in disbelief that what we had worked on together was finally being shown on TV. Not just from a disc or streaming on the web, but actually shown on a network with commercials and everything! We all had a wonderful time watching the premier episode together and poking fun at one another for various things throughout the show. Busting each others chops in true cop fashion and never letting each other forget where we came from or who we really are. 

Looking around the room, you could see the sheer joy and sense of pride in everyone's eyes as they watched the show and viewed our accomplishments on the screen. Cell phones were going off constantly throughout the night from other family members and friends who could not be in attendance wishing us well and complimenting us on what we had done. Messages flowed into Facebook, this blog and other web sites with words of encouragement and congratulating us on the show. All of us throughout the night reflected back on the filming of the series as well as pondered what the future has in store for us. Where will we be a couple months from now? Will we be filming again? Still waiting to hear from the network? Only time will tell. I do know that all of us are ready to continue down this road and take on more exciting investigations. The future for us all is still unknown but no matter what that future may bring, nothing can take away what we have already accomplished.

All of us within CPD would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone at North South Productions and A&E. Without you, none of this would be a reality. Your efforts and dedication to this project are overwhelming and truly appreciated. Thank you to our fans, a show is nothing without someone there to watch and enjoy it and it is your appreciation for the work we have done which will assist in allowing us to film more episodes. Last but not least, a thank you to our family and friends. Your support, understanding and assistance are what have allowed us to make this journey. We, the members of CPD, rely on your emotional and mental support every day be it during filming, the interviews or just going on with our daily lives. On behalf of the cops, I would like to thank the women in our lives who are there for us on a daily basis. Putting up with crazy hours we work, the attitudes we sometimes carry and the standoffish demeanor we sometimes display. Please know that you all mean the world to us and without you by our sides, none of this would be the same and while we may not always let you know as often as we should, you are truly appreciated.

Even though we may be still waiting to hear from A&E about future filming, please keep in mind that we are still investigating the paranormal. If you or someone you know feels that paranormal activity is present, please contact us through our website to request an investigation. As always, we at CPD do have criteria that must be met for us to perform an investigation. While we cannot perform an investigation for every request that we receive, we will always attempt to assist or offer direction whenever we can and should we do an investigation for you, remember, you will NEVER be charged for our services. We are here to help you.

Take care for now and please be sure to check back often for more information and updates.

"Just because I can't explain it, doesn't mean it can't be explained" - Me


  1. Frank from central Ohio,i think that your show is one of the best,it's amazing what u all do,i wantto see a lot more of u all.i know for a fact that it's real

  2. Congrats on the premiere. I stayed up late to watch it but I'm glad I did. Made me laugh when your team was in the basement with one of the guys being interviewed. The guy said someone had died on a spot on the floor to which Weinstock remarked "yeah, he's probably still dead". Well, duh! Lol! Anyways, can't wait for next week's episode. Looks fun.

  3. Good work guys. Hope you never meet up with the really scary people but as you know they are out there also!I like that you keep it real,cigar chomping and all~

  4. I happened to love your show. And I've been HIGHLY disappointed with the ghost hunting shows on TV lately. I've been blogging a lot about just how disappointed I've been actually. (Particularly with Ghost Hunters. I was a rabid fan when they first came out, but I've since learned some of their best evidence is likely cooked.)

    Anyway, your show TOTALLY surprised me. I was not expecting much, and the idea of paranormal cops was at first laughable to me, but...well, the joke was on me!

    Here's my post that I wrote today publicly saying how much I like your show in fact: Paranormal Cops

    Good luck with the show, and all your investigations!

  5. I love this show! You all did a great investigation and captured some of the best evidence that I have come across. Well done guys! I look forward to following your investigations and seeing what my favorite city (I grew up in Northwest Indiana) has to offer!!!!

    If you have the time, check out my blog. I'd love to swap links with you :) and my post for tomorrow is about the show.

  6. My mother lived in that building. CASA MADRID. Its haunted 4 sure. She has pictues of an orb n has seen shadows. U guys were in her doorway on the north side of the building. There is an underground tunnel going from that building down to 19th n Lake. They were blocked of by the town of Melrose Park. I lived in The Come Back Inn. The tunnel went to that building & it was haunted. There are many wittness but they tore that building down.

  7. Its real. My mom lived in that builing CASA MADRID! She has a picture of an orb & saw shadows. There is an underground tunnel that goes down Lake Street from that building 2 The Comeback Inn. I lived there & so did my friends. Many people wittnessed things but they tore that building down.

  8. Tony from northeast Ohio, Loved the show and especially with the mob ghost busting your b@lls!! The EVP's are one of the best and funniest I ever heard. Not sure if it is real funny to me because I am Italian? Keep it up and if you get picked up by A&E and make it big, please do not fake evidence like some other big time ghost hunting shows do. Good luck and SALUTE!!