Monday, January 18, 2010

The Time Is Upon Us!

Well, the premiere party has come and gone and I would like to say Thank You!!! to America's Bar in Hoffman Estates and especially everyone who came out to support us in this new endeavor. All of us in Chicago Paranormal Detectives truly appreciate it!!! It meant a lot to all of us to see our friends and family there in full force and everyone enjoying themselves.

Everyday, new opportunities and experiences are appearing for us within CPD. Interviews, articles and meeting our fans all seems so surreal to us. Overall it is a very humbling for us all to be in these new situations. Along these lines, tomorrow, January 19th will be one of the most important dates for CPD. Tomorrow, not only will we be on the Mancow Muller show (9am - 11am on WLS 890 AM), but we will also be able to finally watch the series premier of "Paranormal Cops" on A&E at 9:30 CST. The premier episode will be an hour long with the remaining episodes being 1/2 hour in length.

We hope you will all tune and watch each week. This is only the begining and there is so much more in store in the future. All of us at CPD would liketo invite you to come along for the ride and share in the success of the show with us! As always, should anyone like to request an investigation, please feel free to contact us through our website


  1. Just watched the premier episode on A&E and loved it! I have a background in Criminal Justice and a passion for the paranormal so this show is right up my alley. You can be sure I'll be tuning in each week.

    R. Brooks, Author of "Chicago Ghosts"

  2. Great party and great premiere episode!!! Looking forward to many more.

  3. I just had to tell you guys what a wonderful show you have. You are doing fantastic work and if the rest of the shows are anything like tonights episode you will have a huge fan base in no time.

  4. *Applauds* Bravo!! I watch many paranormal investigations programs and Paranormal Cops is on the top of the list! I got into the fact that four of you are actual cops...and you may be able to take the cop out of the precinct, but that cops remains a cop 24/7. I love the way you dig deeper, interview people and take things from a real life aspect (IE: seal on door searched for a human first!) I'm a fan and will stay a fan!! I am also a columnist for and I'm reviewing your show this week and it will be published on our site Sunday. Keep doing what you're doing!